• Secretive : Episode 2

    Secretive : episode 2

    Une fois de plus, tout est dans le titre... Il se passe moins de choses dans cette partie mais j'en avais besoin pour réellement lancer l'intrigue donc bon... Voilà, je n'ai pas grand chose à ajouter si ce n'est... Bonne lecture ! :D


    Episode 2


    *Park SR comes in the meeting room; the Assistant Seo is following her.

    When they enter the meeting room, Choi Tae Hoon starts smiling.*


    Choi TH: Miss Park, nice to meet you!

    *He stretches his hand out. Park Seo Ra doesn’t shake it.*


    Park SR: I’m sorry, Mr. Choi, but I thought of your suggestion and I can’t agree. Hope you find someone to get associate to soon.


    Choi TH: W-what?!


    *Choi TH and his partner are astonished.*


    Choi TH: W-why?!


    Park SR: I thought of it and it doesn’t seem right for the company, I’m truly sorry.


    Choi TH: Give me a proper reason for your withdrawal!


    Park SR: There’s no need to. I’ve already told you that I noticed some things that hinder me from agreeing to your suggestion. You asked me to think of it, right? I did. Now please accept and respect my decision. I’d rather you live now. I’m busy today.


    Choi TH: B-but…


    Park SR: You want to stay here a little while? Alright. Then I’ll leave by myself. We have a meeting this afternoon. You must have left the place empty at that time.


    Lee Tae Won: Hey, don’t you think it’s a bit too much?


    Park SR:


    Lee Tae Won: I’m Lee Tae Won. We have been introduced yet, but…


    Park SR: There’s no need to, since we won’t see each other anymore.

    *He doesn’t have the time to say anything else and she leaves the room. She goes in her office, followed by the assistant Seo.*


    Ass. Seo: P-president Park? What happened?


    Park SR: I changed my mind, that’s all.


    Ass. Seo: That’s all? Can’t you…?


    Park SR: … Schedule of the day?

    *He is astonished. He looks at his notebook.*


    Ass. Seo: Um… You have two meetings to plan wedding ceremonies this morning plus five wedding ceremonies this afternoon. Oh, and this morning you must go to our room to settle the last details for this afternoon’s ceremonies.


    Park SR: Assistant Seo?


    Ass. Seo: Yeah?


    Park SR: Once again, I’d rather if you told me what is bothering you…


    Ass. Seo: Um… Well… Yesterday you told miss Kim that you would call her back regarding the collaboration with “Tae² design inc.”…


    Park SR: (raising her eyebrows) Oh, yeah… I’ll give her a call then.


    Ass. Seo: W-what will you tell her?


    Park SR: I’ll apologize to her and explain her that we eventually won’t collaborate with this company.


    Ass. Seo: Oh, alright.


    Park SR: When is the first meeting this morning?


    Ass. Seo: Um… (checks his notebook) at 10:30 a.m.


    Park SR: (checks her watch) Well… We have enough time to go to the new room we want to rent for the wedding ceremonies…


    Ass. Seo: Oh, yes, that sounds good! I’ll go prepare my car


    Park SR: Yeah, do so, I’ll go take my bag.

    *She goes in her office and packs her bag. She takes a break and takes a card from her pocket:

    Tae² Design inc.

    Choi Tae Hoon

    Lee Tae Won

    Dream-makers for more than 5 years…”

    She creases the card and throws it in the dustbin. Then she takes her bag and goes in the car park.*


    Ass. Seo: Everything is ready, I was waiting for you…


    Park SR: Thank you. Let’s hurry, we can’t be late for the meeting.

    *They get in the car and go to the city centre. The Assistant Seo parks in front of the building. A woman gets out of the building.*


    The woman: (smiling) President Park! I was waiting for you!


    Park SR: Thank you, Miss Go. We came to have a look in the room we plan to rent soon.


    Miss Go: Oh! There’s no problem, please follow me…

    *They enter in the building. At the same time, a car parks in front of the building. A well-dressed woman gets out of the car, followed by a man in a suit.*


    The woman: Who was it?


    The man: Miss Park Seo Ra, owner of the company “Sweetie’s wedding”.


    The woman: Oh, I see… So this is the famous Park Seo Ra… (smiles) This is interesting. But, that’s a bit sad at the same time… Look at her… She tries so much to work hard, but at the end she’ll still be eaten by me… She’s struggling like an insect on a spider’s web. I am the spider and here is my dinner.


    The man: President…


    The woman: Let’s go. We have much to do…


    *The setting changes. Park Seo Ra enters her building. MinYoung is waiting for her inside the main entrance.*


    Seo Ra: Min Young!


    Min Young: (looks confused) Yeah, here I am… Can we talk?


    Seo Ra: (smiles) Yeah, please come in.

    *Someone enters suddenly.*


    Choi TH: Miss Park! We have to talk!


    Seo Ra: (surprised) I don’t think so… I told you everything this morning.


    Choi TH: Stop kidding me… You seemed really enthusiastic yesterday, why did you change your mind?


    Seo Ra: You want a real proper reason? I don’t want to work with someone who used to deal with the police. You friend Lee Tae Won has been arrested several times when you two were younger, hasn’t he?


    Choi TH: Well, that is…


    Seo Ra: I’m sorry, but I don’t want to get involved with such people…


    Choi TH: But…


    Seo Ra: Please don’t try to make me change my mind, that would be a complete waste of time.


    Choi TH: If you respect me a little bit, then please answer: can’t you consider my partner as the person he is today? Don’t tell me you never did any mistake in your whole life?!


    Seo Ra: Mister Choi, please leave this place already. I have nothing else to tell you.


    Choi TH: Uh? *speechless*


    *Seo Ra holds Min Young’s arm and goes in the elevator.*


    Min Young: Yah! What happened with Mr. Taxi? The day I came here you didn’t seem to hate him that much…


    Seo Ra: I know… But things changed a bit. Anyway, let’s talk about that later, ok? What about you? Where did you go last night?


    *While talking, they get in Seo Ra’s flat.*


    Min Young: Oh, I came to this Ahjussi’s place.


    Seo Ra: Ahjussi? Kim Ahjussi?


    Min Young: Yeah… He is really nice. I was really upset but he managed to make me calm down and think of it… and I can now understand why you were angry yesterday…


    Seo Ra: Never mind. You know I have a bad temper.


    Min Young: (weird look) And you don’t like when things aren’t planned, right ?

    Seo Ra: (opens her door) Um, well… Maybe you’re a little bit right but…


    Min Young: I knew it! You know, you really have to start living for real. The unexpected is much more exciting than expected…


    Seo Ra: Um, I’m not really convinced…


    Min Young: You’ll see! I’ll show it to you! (with a big smile)


    Seo Ra: No, thank you! I’ve had enough of the unexpected for an entire month!


    Min Young: Yah… Stop exaggerating! By the way, I’ll cook you dinner today.


    Seo Ra: Really? (sarcastic) When did you become a chef?


    Min Young: You know, I’m different than when we were in high school! I’m not this little girl who didn’t even know how to bake a cake anymore… I have been living on my own for several years now…


    Seo Ra: Oh, I see… But I still can’t believe that you can cook something edible!


    Min Young: Yah! Trust me! (she pushes Seo Ra into the bathroom) Go spend some time on your own and relax!


    *The setting changes. Seo Ra is having a bath.*


                       Lee Tae Won: Hey! Don’t you think it’s a bit too much?


                       Park Seo Ra: I don’t want to get involved with such people.



    Seo Ra: (sighs) He doesn’t seem to be reminded of me at all…


    *The setting changes. Min Young is in the kitchen.*


                       Choi TH: Don’t tell me you never did any mistake in your whole life?!

    Seo Ra: Mister Choi, please leave this place already. I have nothing else to tell you.

    Choi TH: Uh?



    Min Young: But… what happened with this Mr. Taxi? Everything sounded great when I arrived there… Um, I must definitely investigate myself… Oh! It burns!


    *The setting changes. Min Young and Seo Ra are eating.*


    Min Young: So, how does it taste?


    Seo Ra: Well… that’s not bad, but… Except here, this is a little bit charred, don’t you think so?


    Min Young: What are you talking about? It’s well down, isn’t it?


    Seo Ra: I would say overdone… (laughs)


    Min Young: Anyway, this Ahjussi was right… A meal is a magic spell that makes you forget about your problems, your arguments…


    Seo Ra: (smiles) Yeah, this is Mr. Kim’s credo…


    Min Young: Yeah, and it’s quite true. The food’s taste doesn’t change whether you’re happy or sad, so… let’s enjoy the food! Here are some carrots… you love them, right?


    Seo Ra:

    *voice in Seo Ra’s head: “These are mine! Don’t try to fool me!”*

    *She begins to cry.*


    Min Young: Omo! Hey, are you ok? Was the food that bad?! … Yah! Park Seo Ra! Talk to me… Seo Ra!


    *The setting changes. Choi Tae Hoon is in front the door of a flat. He knocks on the door.*


    Choi TH: Yah! Tae Won! Open the door.

    *Tae Won opens the door.*


    Lee TW: What are you doing here?


    Choi TH: Let’s have a talk.

    *He enters the flat.*


    Lee TW: Did you manage to settle things with this miss?


    Choi TH: (angrily) No, but she told me the reason for her withdrawal.


    Lee TW: Oh? And what is it?


    Choi TH: You. Or who you used to be.


    Lee TW: W-what?


    Choi TH: She happened to learn that you’ve been arrested several times and she doesn’t want to work with you.


    Lee TW: (looks shocked) R-really? How did she know?!


    Choi TH: (angrily) She must have searched on the Internet… But that’s not the point! Really, why did you fight with those guys?! You never told me!


    Lee TW: That’s not your business.


    Choi TH: Not my business?! We could have become the partners of “Sweetie’s wedding” but because of your past deeds we can’t! And that’s not my business!? Are you kidding me right now?


    Lee TW: And what if? Those deeds you’re talking about occurred several years ago… I changed and you perfectly know that! If this miss can’t understand that, then that’s not a great loss!


    Choi TH: You really don’t understand!


    Lee TW: Uh?


    Choi TH: You know our company isn’t running well… We NEED to become miss Park’s partner in order to keep on existing on the market.


    Lee TW: W-what? Are you serious? What are we going to do then?


    Choi TH: I don’t know! I don’t know what to do either… Aish, so frustrating!


    *The setting changes. In Park Seo Ra’s flat, we can see Seo Ra talking about something with Min Young in her bedroom. Min Young looks shocked.

    At the same time, we can see Tae Won and Tae Hoon in their office. They’re working late at night.*

    *Time passes by; it’s the morning now. Seo Ra and Min Young are eating breakfast.*


    Min Young: Woaaah! I didn’t know any of that… Why didn’t you tell me before?


    Seo Ra: I don’t know… I think I wanted to forget it as soon as possible…


    Min Young: I get it… But what will you do from now on?


    Seo Ra: (sighs) I don’t know… Now that I refused their offer, I think I won’t see him again so there’s no trouble.


    Min Young: But… Don’t you want to talk to him after all this time?


    Seo Ra: Maybe, but… I don’t think I’m ready to face him… I’m not brave enough for now…


    Min Young: Fighting Seo Ra! Everything will be alright!


    Seo Ra: I hope so… Min Young, we must have this microwave repaired as soon as possible.


    Min Young: I know! I’ll call a repairer today.


    Seo Ra: You better do that… (looks on her watch) Hey, it’s already late… I’ll be off.

    *She gets up and heads for the door but stops.*


    Seo Ra: (points a book) What is this?


    Min Young: Le comte de Monte Cristo; it’s a guy who becomes rich and takes revenge from all the people who betrayed him… how fascinating!


    Seo Ra: Oh…ok.


    *The setting changes. Park Seo Ra enters her office. Lee Tae Won is waiting for her inside.*


    Seo Ra: W-what are you doing here?!


    Lee Tae Won: Excuse me for coming without any appointment but I had no other choice… Tae Hoon told me about the reason for your withdrawal.


    Seo Ra: (sits on her chair) Um, yeah. What do you want to tell me then?


    Tae Won: Well, I must confess I have made mistakes but… I’ve changed! If you trust me once, I promise you I won’t create trouble for your company…


    Seo Ra: You don’t seem to understand… You created your company with your best friend. Of course he can trust you, but I don’t. I don’t know you. I can’t trust your words that easily. You can’t prove me your earnestness so there’s no use for you to come here right now… I won’t change my mind so please…


    *He gets up suddenly and bows.*


    Lee TW: Please! We absolutely need to collaborate with you. Our company isn’t running well… You are our only chance. Please reconsider your decision!


    *He kneels down.*

    Lee TW: Please! I’ll do whatever you ask!

    *Park Seo Ra is astonished.


    (scene when she meets Tae Hoon’s company workers)

    Seo Ra: What is this?


    Min Young: Le comte de Monte Cristo; it’s a guy who becomes rich and takes revenge from all the people who betrayed him… how fascinating!



    Seo Ra: (thoughtful) Um… Maybe I have an idea…


    Lee TW: What is it?


    Seo Ra: You said you’ll be able to do everything I ask?


    Lee TW: Yeah… Unless it is some weird stuff! (scared look)


    Seo Ra: N-nothing like that! (sounds uncomfortable) I’ll only ask you some favours!


    Lee TW: F-favours?


    Seo Ra: Yeah. I’ll accept our two companies being partners only if you become my… assistant.


    Lee TW: Assistant? Don’t you already have one?


    Seo Ra: I wasn’t talking about that kind of Assistant… I was talking about the kind of assistant whom I can even call at midnight to give some work to do, who will bring me coffee every day, the kind of assistant who will be ready to give up on any pride of him that is left… You get it, right?


    *Tae Won looks surprised and doesn’t answer right away… then:*

    Lee TW: You… Are you serious right now?


    Seo Ra: Do you really think I am in the funny mood right now?


    Lee TW: No, but… How can you ask me to…? O-ok. Since I have no choice… I’ll do anything you ask.


    Seo Ra: (smiles) Alright. So you can tell your friends that our companies are now partners!


    Tae Won: Yeah… By the way, I guess he shouldn’t know that I’m now your personal maid, right?


    Seo Ra: (sounds satisfied) Despite your looks, you’re quite intelligent!


    Lee Tae Won: If you say so… then I’m off (he starts to walk away)


    Seo Ra: Hey, wait a minute!


    Tae Won: (turns around) What?


    Seo Ra: Do you have time to do your first errand? (smiles)


    *desperate look from Tae Won*

    *The setting changes.*


    Min Young: And so he became your own maid? Woaah! You’re so mischievous!


    Seo Ra: Don’t be too rude with me… He told me himself he would do anything and it was my way to take revenge.


    Min Young: That’s true, but you could have done this in another way… Anyway, I wonder if he’s going to do it until you free him… Hey, when do you plan to stop that?


    Seo Ra: Um… I don’t know… Let’s see how he performs as a maid and then I’ll decide when my revenge will be completed.


    Min Young: (laughs) Hey! In your memories, was he good at doing the chores or…?


    Seo Ra: That’s weird but I don’t remember well… It was a long time ago.


    Min Young: And didn’t he recognize you? I know it’s been a while but he could remember your face or some specific behaviour of yours, right?


    Seo Ra: I don’t know… You know, he left me without looking back so I think he didn’t care about me at all… Maybe he tried to erase most of the memories he had from me…


    Min Young: That’s weird… It’s not as if a girl like you was forgettable! (laughs)


    Seo Ra: Yeah, but you know, it was too long ago I think. I recognized him only by his name.


    Min young: Yeah, but who says you wouldn’t have recognized him if you had met him the following day as it was initially planned?


    Seo Ra: I don’t know… Actually, no one knows and we can’t ever be sure of it, so let’s forget about it for now.


    Min Young: You’re right! Let’s see how he’ll be doing for now and then maybe you’ll eventually tell him the truth?


    Seo Ra: I’m not sure of it yet…


    Min Young: Oh, so annoying… Anyway, fighting!


    *The setting changes. Choi Tae Hoon is working on his desk in his office. Lee Tae Won enters.*


    Lee Tae Won: (smiles) Guess what?


    Choi TH: (sarcastic) You managed to talk with miss Park and she accepted to become our partner.


    Lee TW: (surprised) Uh? How did you know?


    Choi TH: … I was kidding. (surprised too) You… You really did that?


    Lee TW: Why are you so surprised? You thought I couldn’t do it?


    Choi TH: That’s not it… But… How did you…?


    Lee TW: Never mind. Let’s celebrate this good news.

    *Choi Tae Hoon closes his folder.*


    Choi TH: Yeah, let’s do that!


    *They get out of the room.

    The setting changes. Seo Ra is in her room, writing on a notebook and doing researches on the Internet.*


    *The setting changes. Tae Hoon and Tae Won are in a bar.*


    Choi Tae Hoon: That’s true! We are the best businessmen in the world! Let’s celebrate it!


    Lee Tae Won: But… Tae Hoon… That sounds a bit weird…


    Tae Hoon: What are you talking about?


    Tae Won: I’m talking about what this Ahjumma said…


    Tae Hoon: Ahjumma? What Ah…? Are you talking about miss Park? She’s not that old you know…


    Tae Won: Are you kidding me? She an old witch with wrinkles all over the face…


    Tae Hoon: Yah! Lee Tae Won! Be careful! She saved us in a way…


    Tae Won: Alright, alright! But, Tae Hoon… promise me you won’t ever fall in love with this nasty girl… If you do, I won’t ever forgive you.


    Tae Hoon: Y-yah! What are you talking about? Fall in what? No way!


    Tae Won: You better not think of it! By the way, what strikes me is the fact that she knew about me dealing with the police when I was younger…


    Tae Hoon: Why? I told you she must have checked on the Internet. She’s so paranoid…


    Tae Won: But… The thing is that this information hasn’t been published anywhere, I’m sure of it! No one except you and my mum knows that I’ve been arrested several times.


    Tae Hoon: …?! Are you sure?


    Tae Won: Of course!


    Tae Hoon: Then… Who is she?


    “Sometimes things are just unearthed and we have to live with the consequences of what we’ve done in the past.”




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