• Secretive : Episode 1

    Secretive : Episode 1

    Voici donc ma première sortie ... je suis tellement fière ! ~~ Bon, très concrètement, il y a certainement des fautes à certains endroits... J'espère les faire corriger rapidement ! J'aimerais beaucoup avoir les avis de ceux qui s'aventureront jusqu'à lire ceci ; au début, je me suis lancée sans trop de conviction mais maintenant j'en suis à l'épisode 3 (à l'écrit, faut que je remette sur l'ordi après >.<) et finalement j'aime beaucoup cette petite histoire :) Bref, pour ceux que l'anglais ne rebute pas, faites vous votre propre opinionet on verra (^.^)... Pour les autres, je ne sais pas si je le réécrirai en français... Je verrai ! Petite précision : pour comprendre certains trucs, il faut être habitués aux dramas coréens ... ! Je mettrai une petite fiche explicative plus tard ;)


    EP 1


    *Beginning: showing married couples before the wedding ceremony*

    Off-voice: Every little girl dreams of this day. The one when they’ll choose to share everything with their own prince. In their dreams, they imagine all sorts of things: their dress, their hairstyle, their shoes… all of that is chosen in order to keep the best memory ever of that “one-in-a-lifetime experience”. According to this, I could say I’m the happiest woman in this world because I live this moment several times a day… But not the way most of the people think of…

    *A woman writing on the computer in a flat. She sees the time on a clock*


    Woman: Omo! It’s already late!

    *She packs her bag and runs in the street. She arrives near a building and slows down. She enters the building and immediately is followed by a man in a suit.*


    The man: Good morning, President Park!


    Pr. Park: Good morning, Assistant Seo. Schedule of the day?


    Ass. Seo: (talks quickly) Four wedding ceremonies are planned for this afternoon. This morning, Cha Eun Suk and Gil Eun Chae will be taking photos for their wedding “Souvenirs” book. You have a meeting at 2:00 p.m. to discuss the rent of a new room for our company. Mmh… What else…


    Pr Park: Assistant Seo.


    Ass. Seo: Y-yeah ?


    Pr. Park: I’d rather if you told me what is bothering you right now.


    Ass. Seo: Oh? What? How did you?

    (severe look from Pr. Park)

                       Well, do you remember Park Min Su and Kim So Young?


    //FLASHBACK: A couple fighting. The woman is holding a pair of high heels shoes.

             She: I want to wear them!

             He: Paboya! You know you can’t walk with that kind of shoes! Put them in their right place back!

             They start to pull the shoe from each side. At the end, the shoe drops and come on Pr. Park’s face.



    Pr. Park: (rubs her face) Yeah… I remember. What again?


    Ass. Seo: The thing is… Their wedding is in two weeks but they want to change the wedding dress.


    Pr. Park: What? What did you say?... Wait a second, both of them want another dress?


    Ass. Seo: No, that’s the problem. Miss Kim decided she didn’t want the dress previously chosen anymore.


    Pr Park: (sighs) Where are they right now?


    Ass. Seo: I left them in the meeting room…

    *Pr Park turns the head suddenly*


    Pr Park: Is there something breakable there?


    Ass. Seo: Uh? All the computers and the devices but why…?


    Pr Park: If there’s something broken by these two elephants, it will be taken off your salary!

    *They go to the meeting room. One can hear screams from the room. Pr Park opens the door. The two people are only sitting, but they are still having a fight.*


    Pr Park: Annyonghaseyo! J 

    *They stop fighting*


    The 2: Annyonghaseyo!


    Pr Park: I heard you two wanted to change something about the wedding?


    Miss Kim: Yeah, I want to wear another dress!


    Park Min Su: Yah, So Young…


    Miss Kim: I’ve already told you I didn’t want to wear the one chosen by your mother!


    Pr Park: M-mother?


    Miss Kim: Yeah… His mummy chose herself the dress I have to wear for my wedding. At the beginning, I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to get on her nerves, but now I decided that I should choose the dress I’ll wear by myself!


    Park Min Su: What is so bad about that? I find that dress beautiful, don’t you?


    Miss Kim: Are you kidding me? You sure have no taste…! This dress is so old-fashioned that it could be exhibited in a museum!


    Park Min Su: H-hey! Be careful! You’re talking about my mum’s taste!


    Miss Kim: And so? What will you do? Will you cancel the wedding because I criticised your mother’s taste?!


    Park Min Su: (whispers) I’m more likely to cancel everything because of your bad temper…


    Pr. Park: Please calm down… I’m sure there’s something we can do to settle everything… How about we go to the clothes shop and try to find a solution?

    *The setting changes.

    The President Park and the couple go in the car park. Park Min Su and Kim So Young go together in Assistant Seo’s car.*


    Ass. Seo: (looking at them) President Park… Why does it have to be my car…?


    Pr Park: You know that I don’t have a car yet, and moreover, if they break something, I’d rather if it is in your car… By the way, Assistant Seo, instead of thinking of that, you should think about the way we could make Miss Kim change her mind… We already booked the dress and we can’t change our mind two weeks before the wedding. Let’s get in the car before anything occurs…

    *The setting changes.

    The four people enter in a shop and queue at the checkout. Then an employee comes.*


    The Employee: What can I do to help you?


    Pr Park: I’m the CEO of the company “Sweetie’s wedding”. We booked a wedding dress in your shop for a wedding planned in two weeks.


    The Employee: Mmh… Let me check the register.

    *She takes a book from a drawer*


    The Employee: Yeah, miss Kim So Young’s dress… You’re lucky; we received it two days ago.


    Miss Kim: But…


    Pr Park: Can we give it a look please?


    The Employee: Yeah, follow me please.

    *She brings them in another room in which other people are trying on clothes for special events. She takes a box and gives it to President Park.*


    The Employee: Here is miss Kim So Young’s dress.


    Pr. Park: Thank you.


    The Employee: You’re welcome. Have a nice moment in our shop!

    *She leaves the room*


    Miss Kim: President Park, what is all this about?


    Pr. Park: Please try it on. The dress. We’ll see how it looks on you, ok ? J 


    Miss Kim: O-ok.

    *She comes in the fitting room with the dress.*


    Pr Park: Mr Park?


    Park Min Su: Yeah?


    Pr Park: I kind of understand miss Kim. You know, the wedding ceremony is a day when everyone wants to keep a good memory of. If the dress doesn’t please her, she will keep a bad memory that she will associate to your mother, and I don’t think that’s something you want to let happen. However, I’ll be honest and I have to tell you that we can’t exchange the dresses right now… So I’ll hope she changes her mind.

    *Kim So Young gets out of the fitting room, wearing the dress.*


    Miss Kim: You see, here it’s too long, but the sleeves are too short, and look at this, it’s too… puffed out!


    Park Min Su: So Young , please calm down. You look really good in this dress!


    Miss Kim: Are you kidding me? Don’t dare lying to me! Be honest, please!


    Park Min Su: I-I’m not lying…


    Pr. Park: Miss Kim, I’m sure there is a solution…


    Miss Kim: What to do? There’s nothing we can do to make this dress beautiful!

    *A guy that was already in the room comes*


    The Guy: Excuse me, may I help you? My name is Choi Tae Hoon. Here is my card. I’m the co-owner of the company: “Tae² Design”, which designs and sells clothes for special events, such as wedding ceremonies or parties.


    Pr. Park: Mh, thank you Mr. Choi, but what do you think you can do to settle the situation?


    Choi Tae Hoon: I personally design clothes, including wedding dress, and I think I can help with this miss’ matter. *he turns around, facing Miss Kim*. Miss, can I suggest you another type of dress?

    *He takes a notebook out of his bag, sits on a chair and starts to draw. Once it’s finished, he shows his drawing to Kim So Young.*


    Miss Kim: Omo! It’s so beautiful!


    Choi Tae Hoon: Really? Do you think so? Then ok! Please don’t move…

    *He takes scissors out of his bag and starts to cut some parts of the dress*


    Miss Kim: Oh? What…?


    Pr. Park: What do you think you’re doing? Do you know the cost of this dress?

    *Mr Choi stops*


    Choi Tae Hoon: Miss Park, let’s have a deal; if it doesn’t work, I’ll pay myself the dress.


    Pr Park: But…


    Miss Kim: President Park, let’s see how he’ll do… It can’t really be worse than what it was before…


    *Pr. Park sighs. Mr Choi continues what he was doing. He cuts some parts of the sleeves and puts some pins at some places.*


    Choi TH: That seems right. I only have to put some lace here… Miss, please look the result in the mirror!


    Miss Kim: Omo! It’s so beautiful… Could you sew everything for my wedding?


    Park Min Su: (whispers) Our wedding…


    Choi TH: Of course! (to Pr. Park, with a smile) Everything is settled now!


    Pr. Park: (looks closely at the dress) Yeah… It looks really good on you!… Thank you, Mr Choi.


    Choi TH: You’re welcome. By the way, I have something to suggest you, miss Park.


    Pr. Park: Assistant Seo.


    Ass. Seo: Yeah, miss Park?


    Pr. Park: …


    Ass. Seo: S-sorry. I meant President Park!


    Pr. Park: It’s already almost noon. Please bring Mr Park and Miss Kim back to company office.


    Ass. Seo: What about you, President?


    Pr. Park: I’ll have lunch outside. How about you join me, Mr Choi?


    Choi TH: What a good idea! Let’s have lunch in a place I know…


    Pr. Park: Excuse me, but I’ve already chosen where I’ll eat. If you want to talk to me about something, let’s go there together right now or please call my secretary to have an appointment.


    Choi TH: (looks confused) That’s ok, I’ll follow you then.


    Ass. Seo: President Park, I’ll go with Miss Kim and Mr. Park, let’s meet in front of the meeting room at 1:50 p.m.


    Pr. Park: Of course, have a nice lunch!


    Ass. Seo: (with a big smile) Thank you, President!


    Pr Park: I was talking to Miss Kim and Mr. Park…


    Miss K & Mr. Park: Thank you, President!

    *Assistant Seo and the couple leave the room*


    Pr. Park: Let’s go, Mr. Choi.

    *He follows her. In the street, they talk*


    Choi TH: Miss Park, I wonder… Do you always need to control everything?


    Pr. Park: (with a shocked face) Me? Controlling everything?


    Choi TH: Yeah, even the restaurant in which we’re going to eat! Don’t you think it’s a bit too much?


    Pr. Park: W-what are you talking about? The thing is that I promised the owner that I would come today, that’s all!

    *They keep on walking while Choi Tae Hoon is smiling. They arrive in front of a fast food.*


    Choi TH: A fast food?


    Pr. Park: Yeah, why? Doesn’t it suit you?


    Choi TH: That’s ok, but you don’t look like the kind of person to eat in a fast food.


    Pr. Park: You’re really funny, you know? Let’s go in.

    *They go inside the fast food.*


    Owner: Seo Ra! What brings you here?


    Pr. Park: Mr. Kim! It’s been a long time; I wanted to see you again.


    Owner: You’re always welcome here, you know. (looking at Mr. Choi) You brought a friend?


    Pr. Park: Not really, he came to talk to me about work.


    Owner: I see… Then you shouldn’t have come here, Seo Ra, and you know it. Anyway, there are some tables left right here. Tell me what you want to eat and go sit.

    *They order their meal and sit at a table*


    Choi TH: It’s a nice place, right?


    Pr. Park: (half-smiling) Yeah…

    *They don’t say anything and wait for their meal. Choi TH checks his mail on his phone while Park Seo Ra receives a message


    //MESSAGE: Seo Ra! I’m coming to your town soon! ~~~~~ ‘Looking forward to seeing you ~ <3 Byyyye !!!//


    The owner arrives with the two meals.*


    Owner/Mr. Kim: I’d rather you put away your cell phones from now on, please.


    Park Seo Ra: Yeah, Mr. Kim! Please excuse us, we hardly think of anything else than work in the middle of the day…


    Choi TH: May I ask you the reason for your request?


    Mr. Kim: The meal time is the only time when you can forget about all your problems and spend a happy time. A meal is something you can share with others, talking about pleasant things, learning things about each other… It’s not a time when you do deals or talk about work, you have the time to do that during your work time, ok? So please try to enjoy food, because good things are the only things left when everything goes wrong in life.

    *He comes back in the kitchen*


    Choi TH: Miss Park…


    Park SR: Everything he said was true. I’m sorry but I’ll ask you to wait before telling me about your suggestion.


    Choi TH: You sure are good to make people do what you want…


    Park SR: According to what I know, it’s YOU who needs me, so either you wait and we talk about this later, or you better find someone else to do deals with.


    Choi TH: Hey, don’t remember I helped you this morning!


    Park SR: YOU decided to get involved without me agreeing… I could even sue you for damaging other people’s goods.


    Choi TH: …OK… By the way, you sure know to argue…


    Park SR: Please understand. I really love this place and its owners… Even though this is a fast food, it’s like a food palace for me.


    Choi TH: A fast food? A food palace?


    Park SR: Yeah, the owners really respect food. And what this person said was true… Trust me, I can ensure you that when things go wrong, sharing a meal with lovely people is so much reassuring… It’s the only thing that makes people from different family like they are blood-related.


    Choi TH: (looks thoughtful) … Alright then, and in a way, I’m happy to share a meal like this with you. But I have a demand.


    Park SR: (looks reticent) What is it?


    Choi TH: Let’s have a real discussion! Did you listen to this Ahjussi? Learning about each other… let’s talk about us.


    Park SR: (after a while) … Ok J 


    Choi TH: Alright! Do you often go to this place to eat at noon?


    Park SR: Not really… Actually, I usually bring something to eat at work.


    Choi TH: Oh I see. But I don’t understand: you don’t want to talk about work here because a meal has to be shared with people you like, but you eat at work most of the time… Whereas it should be the time to get out of your workplace and get some fresh air. That’s a bit paradoxical, don’t you think so?


    Park SR: … Well, basically you’re right. But that’s a habit I’ve been having for a long time.


    Choi TH: I can understand, but if you don’t follow your own principle, it’s weird.


    Park SR: That’s true. Anyway, you told me you’re a designer. Since when do you draw clothes?


    Choi TH: Mmh… I started a very long time ago… When I was in high school. We were with my best friend in Art class and we decided it would become our job. That’s how we created our company together.


    Park SR: It really sounds like… the fulfilment of a dream. But you seem really confident. I mean, when you modified miss Kim’s dress this morning, it was really surprising.


    Choi TH: (laughs) You know, I’m not really from the upper class, so when I started to design new clothes, I had to make it with old pieces of cloth and old clothes that I had to cut or sew in another way.


    Park SR: Oh I see! Then you must be used to that kind of method.


    Choi TH: That’s right… What about you? Why did you create this company?


    Park SR: Um, well…

    *The phone rings*


    Park SR: Yeah?

    Voice: Seo Ra? It’s Min Young!

    Park SR: Min Young? Why do you call me?

    Min Young: I’m at the train station. Can you come and get me?

    Park SR: Right now?!

    Min Young: Yeah! I’m a bit lost in your town…

    Park SR: Okay, I’ll be going…

    *She hangs up*


    Park SR: Mr. Choi, I’m sorry but a friend of mine just called and wants me to get her at the train station… I’ll be going then.


    Choi TH: Right now?


    Park SR: (gets up) Yeah… Since I don’t have any car, I must hurry in order to pick her and come to my office before the beginning of the meeting. Would you mind calling my secretary to have a proper appointment to talk about work?


    Choi TH: W-wait! I can bring you to the train station and then to your office if you want…


    Park SR: Really? Thank you so much!

    *They pack their bag and get out of the fast food. Then they go into Mr. Choi’s car and he brings her to the railway station. They run*


    Choi TH: (out of breath) Do-Do you manage to see her?


    Park SR: N-Noo… Oh! MIN YOUNG!


    Min Young: SEO RAAAAAAAA!

    *Min Young runs and hugs Seo Ra.*


    Min Young: I missed you sooo much!


    Park SR: Me too, but you could have told me before that you would come here…


    Min Young: Ooh… Don’t be mad! Life is too short to get angry! I wanted to surprise you… Oh! You brought your boyfriend?

    *Both turn red*


    Park SR & Choi TH: That’s not it!


    Choi TH: My name is Choi Tae Hoon. I was having lunch with miss Park to talk about work, but you called…


    Min Young: Ooh… Please excuse me!

    *She bows*


    Choi TH: (laughs) That’s not a big problem! Shall I bring you to miss Park’s office too?


    Min Young: Yeah! I’ll go with her, Mr Taxi! (she laughs)

    *They get in the car and he brings them to Park’s office. In the car park, they all get out of the car.*


    Choi TH: Miss Park, I’m sorry but I have some things to do this afternoon, so we’ll have to settle an appointment later.


    Park SR: Ah. Mmh. Tell me when you’re available then.


    Choi TH: I’ll call your secretary, it will be easier.


    Park SR: OK. See you, then.


    Min Young: Bye!


    *They get out of the car park. Mr Choi gets in his car and goes away.*


    Min Young: Hey, Seo Ra, who was it?


    Park Seo Ra: Someone I met today for work.


    Min Young: Are you sure?


    Park SR: What are you talking about?


    Min Young: Stop joking around! You perfectly know what I’m talking about… This is the oldest trick in the world! “We’ll have to settle an appointment later”. Don’t you understand?


    Park SR: Understand what?


    Min Young: He wants to see you again! This is obvious! And I don’t think it’s for work issues.


    Park SR: (embarrassed) Stop joking around! By the way, I have work to do this afternoon…


    Min Young: I got it… I’ll have to go shoppiiiiiiiiiiing on my own! (all excited)


    Park SR:(sighs)


    ~~~ During the meeting


    Man: So, the company can now afford to rent a new room to celebrate wedding ceremonies. It will increase the company’s turnover because we’ll be able to celebrate more weddings a day. We have to choose between …

    *Park SeoRa is thinking, remembering: “He wants to see you again! That’s obvious! And I don’t think it’s for work issues…”*


    Man: President Park?


    Park SR: Yeah? Excuse me. I think the one in the city centre is the best. There are a lot of shops around and it will be easier.


    Man: You’re right, President.

    *The setting changes. Min Young is in a shop.*


    Min Young: Really… She sure doesn’t get it right! I have no choice then. I’ll be the go-between! Let’s pick some cute clothes for her then…


    *The setting changes. It’s late in the afternoon. Pr. Park finished all the work she had to do and is coming out of the office. Min Young is waiting for her at the main entrance.*


    Min Young: Seo Raaa!


    Seo Ra: (a bit embarrassed) Stop screaming! I’m still at work…


    Min Young: Sorry, but I’m very excited! It’s been so long that we didn’t see each other!


    Seo Ra: How long will you be there?


    Min Young: I took 2 weeks of vacation


    Seo Ra: That’s long! And I have work to do, you know? I won’t have a lot of time to spend with you…


    Min Young: Oh! That’s so sad! But I’m sure we’ll be able to do some things together, right?


    Seo Ra: Of course! I always have time left for my best friend from Seoul!

    *They both smile and go out of the building together.

    The setting changes: they are in Mr Kim’s fast food.*


    Seo Ra: So, how’s life in Seoul?


    Min Young: Oh, nothing really exciting you know… Being a lawyer in such a huge city is not the best decision I’ve made in my whole life! (she laughs) Always dealing with either with petty cases like divorces (in wealthy families, of course!) or heartbreaking ones like a poor shop owner struggling to keep his shop, I was so depressed that I preferred having a break far away from all those stories… And guess which place would be the better one for me to rest?


    Seo Ra: (smiling) Let me guess… How about in my flat?


    Min Young: Omo! You’re so perceptive!


    Seo Ra: Don’t try to seduce me… Anyway, that’s not as if I had the choice… I guess you didn’t plan anything else for sleeping. So either I agree to you sleeping in my flat or you’ll be as a homeless person in this town, right?


    Min Young: I’m so impressed! You’re really gifted, you know? You should’ve become an investigator! By the way, let’s talk about you… How’s your business doing?


    Seo Ra: Quite good, we agreed to rent a new room to celebrate the wedding ceremonies in today’s meeting. The company is growing and it’s really pleasant!


    Min Young: Woaah! You know, I used to envy you, thinking that you celebrated several weddings a day while I was only dreaming of having a boyfriend!


    Seo Ra: (laughing) You know, the D-day is not like everyone thinks it is… It’s actually really stressful and complicated to organize. The almost-newly-weds are often nervous and argue for nothing… There has been some times when they argue so much that I was afraid they would cancel everything…


    Min Young: Oh, it sure isn’t the way I used to imagine it was…


    Seo Ra: Yeah… A lot of people are really far away from reality concerning wedding ceremonies…


    Min Young: Sure! By the way, tell me about the Mr Taxi from this afternoon!


    Seo Ra: What are you talking about?


    Min Young: Yeah! There’s something going on, right? Don’t try to lie to me!


    Seo Ra: Min Young, stop already! I’ve already told you there was nothing… I met him TODAY!


    Min Young: (grimaces) Oh, so disappointing… I thought you finally found someone…


    Seo Ra: Now I think of it, you always wanted me to go out with any guy we met… What’s so good about having a boyfriend?


    Min Young: You still don’t get it? I’ve always wanted to take you away from work! Since I met you, I noticed that work was too much important in your life. When you were young, you hardly went out to have fun, you were always studying, and I thought it was really sad…


    Seo Ra: (confused) Oh, you know, it’s because everything that happened with my uncle and all…


    Min Young: … I know. I know things weren’t easy for you, (she takes Seo Ra’s hand) but now it’s time for you to eventually enjoy life!


    Seo Ra: Min Young…


    Min Young: What? Your business is running, you told me that yourself. You reached your objective! From now on, you should take care of your own self, ok? Promise me you’ll make an effort!


    Seo Ra: … Ok!


    Min Young: Oh, by the way, tomorrow I won’t be there because I need to see my sister, so I’ll be off the entire day cause the journey lasts 3 hours.


    Seo Ra: Okay! Hope you don’t lose your way! (laughs)


    Min Young: Hey! Park Seo Ra!

    *They laugh. The setting changes. Seo Ra is in her bed. Her alarm clock rings and she gets up. She goes in the kitchen and sees a message on the table:

    “Good morning dear Seo Raaaa~~ I think I broke your microwave… But don’t worry! I’ll call someone to repair this when I come back! I leave you 60 000 Wons… Buy everything you want for breakfast!”

    Seo Ra sighs. She slips a sweatshirt and jeans on and goes in a small cheap restaurant next to her building. She orders her breakfast and sits at a table, eating alone. Then Choi Tae Hoon enters the restaurant and orders a breakfast too. When he turns around, he sees Seo Ra.*


    Choi TH: (smiling) Miss Park! What a coincidence!

    *Seo Ra jumps and looks surprised.*


    Park SR: Mr. Choi! What are you doing here?! By chance, are you following me?

    *He sits in front of her.*


    Choi TH: I have more interesting things to do in my free time, you know! (he laughs) By the way, what are you doing here?

    *She looks at his tray.*


    Park SR: The same thing as you, I guess!


    Choi TH: (laughs) That’s quite logical… Did your friend leave?


    Park SR: No, she’s at her sister’s place…


    Choi TH: Oh ok, she looks nice.


    Park SR: Yeah she is! But she’s also a real disaster… So clumsy! I came here cause she broke my microwave this morning… And of course she left without telling me…

    *He bursts out laughing.*


    Choi TH: Your friend is really funny! By the way, shall I show you something?


    Park SR: What is it?


    Choi TH: (puts a finger on his lips) It’s a surprise!

    *They finish their breakfast and go out of the restaurant.*


    Choi TH: Follow me, miss Park.


    Park SR: Wh-where are we going? Can’t I get changed?


    Choi TH: No need to… It’s only a little visit!


    Park SR: Visit?


    Choi TH: (Smiling)

    *They arrive in front of a building.*


    Park SR: “Tae² Design Inc.”? Isn’t it your company?


    Choi TH: (with a huge smile) Yes, it is! Please come in, miss Park.

    *He enters the building and she follows him. Then he brings her in a room in which some people are working with dummies.*


    Person #1: President? What are you doing here?


    Choi TH: Good morning! I’m showing the company to this Agassi!


    Person #2: (smiling) President Choi, are you bringing your girlfriend at work?


    Park SR: Ah… It’s not like that!


    Choi TH: Ji Hoon, you better shut your mouth, she could become your immediate superior soon!

    *Park SR looks astonished.*


    Ji Hoon: Oh! Please excuse me, President!

    *He bows.*


    Park SR: Mr. Choi, what are you…?


    Choi TH: Yeah, I’d like miss Park to become my partner…


    Park SR: …! (grimace)


    Choi TH: … For work, of course! Anyway, I hope miss Park will agree to this suggestion.


    Park SR: Well…


    Choi TH: …Let’s think of it later! Mr Lee, are you finished with the dress I gave you last week?


    Mr. Lee: Yeah, Mr. Choi! Your suggestion about the sleeves was surprisingly beautiful! Thank you so much, I’m sure it will have a lot of success among women!


    Choi TH: Perfect… I’m sorry to give you extra-work, Mr. Lee. I know you’re already busy with this winter’s new collection.


    Mr. Lee: There’s no problem! You had already done a lot of work on this dress! And I know you too are busy designing new wedding dresses…


    Choi TH: Thank you everyone! We’ll have a lot of work this month, but once it’s finished we’ll be able to rest a bit. Then, I’ll invite you all at the restaurant! Let’s work hard together until then! (he bows) Miss Park, let’s go outside.

    *They go outside together, and on the way to Seo Ra’s building*


    Park SR: So, you wanted to associate with me? That’s what you wanted to tell me yesterday?


    Choi TH: Yeah, I’d like to associate our company with yours, so that we can design the wedding dresses used by your costumers! What do you think of it?


    Park SR: Well, you know, I must consider everything before telling you whether yes or no…


    Choi TH: I already know it, but think of it closely, please… I think it can be really useful for your company as for mine!


    Park SR: Yeah… I’ll think of it, I promise! How about you come to my office tomorrow morning with your best friend with whom you created this company?


    Choi TH: What a good idea! Let’s meet at 9:00 a.m.!


    Park SR: Yeah. It’s my building. See you tomorrow, then!

    *She enters her building and goes in her flat. She opens her wardrobe and jumps, surprised. There are only some clothes and a note:

    “Hey! It’s Min Young agaaaaaain ~~ I thought you needed some help to dress… If you want to keep your promise (enjoying life, remember!), you must make an effort. Your clothes were not bad, though, but let’s try something more flashy and that will make Mr.Choi looking at you!!!!! I wish you good fortune for today!”

    Seo Ra starts to rummage in the clothes*


    Seo Ra: Omo! What to do?! (looks at a pink shirt) I can’t wear that!!! MIN YOUNG!

    *The setting changes. Assistant Seo is waiting in President Park’s office. She enters the room, breathless.*


    Ass. Seo: (worried) President Park! What happened? You’ve never been late since I know you…


    Park SR: A storm named Chu Min Young!


    Ass. Seo: W-what?


    Park SR: Nothing… Schedule of the day?


    Ass. Seo: Six meetings this morning to plan wedding ceremonies, three ceremonies this afternoon and a photo shooting session at 4:00 p.m. in our studio.


    Park SR: Good. Shall I take care of one or two meetings this morning?


    Ass. Seo: Yeah; the first at 9:00 a.m. with Mr. Cha Eun Suk and Miss Kim Hye Shin and the other at 10:30 a.m. with Mr. Gu Eun Kyul and Kang Jae Hee in the 2nd meeting room.


    Park SR: Okay. Assistant Seo…


    Ass. Seo: Yeah, President Park?


    Park Seo: What do you think of getting associated with a company that would design and produces our wedding clothes?


    Ass. Seo: (thoughtful) Um, well, I guess that would be a great… We wouldn’t have to get a lot of catalogues and contact all those different shops for every wedding.


    Park SR: …Ok.


    Ass. Seo: President, do you want me to plan a meeting to discuss this suggestion?


    Park SR: Um, how about tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.?


    Ass. Seo: (looks at his agenda) That sounds good!

    *The setting changes. Park Seo Ra is in a room that looks like a living room, in front of two people.*


    Park SR: *With a pen and a notebook* So, we chose the date of the wedding and the decoration parts… Let’s talk about the clothes. We have several clothes brands to suggest you. (takes some catalogues out of her bags) Here are some catalogues. Do you want to look at it here or take some time at home to consider each clothe?


    Kim Hye Shin: There are so many catalogues and so many dresses! How can I choose? I’m a bit lost…


    Park SR: I can understand how you feel…


    Kim Hye Shin: You see, Miss Park, I feel a bit undecided. When I have too many choices, I always get lost… That’s a problem.


    Park SR: Mmh… Miss Kim, would it be better if we were associated with a company that designs clothes? Regarding your dress, you would deal with one of this company’s designers and ask for what you really want as a dress.


    Kim Hye Shin: That would be amazing!


    Park SR: Then I must tell you we are planning to consider an association with such a company. We have a meeting tomorrow. I’ll call you to tell you the result of this meeting and you may be the first costumer of this new collaboration!


    Kim Hye Shin: Yobo, what do you think about this?


    Cha Eun Suk: That sounds good, and if it’s easier for you, then it’s ok for me.


    Park SR: Then, the clothes matter is settled!

    *The setting changes. Seo Ra is on her computer.*


    Seo Ra: “”… created in 2004 by two high school friends… designs clothes for special events… Choi Tae Hoon… born in 1984… And his friend…


    She jumps and gets up. Min Young comes in the room*


    Min Young: (smiling) Seo Raaaaa! How are you doing?


    Seo Ra: Min Young… You sure are a hurricane!!!! I should have thought of it twice before allowing you to sleep here!


    Min Young: What makes you angry? Is it because of the microwave?


    Seo Ra: First of all, you better call a repairer soon… Then, I’ll tell you this only ONCE: I want my clothes back in their right place tomorrow morning!


    Min Young: Hey! Don’t talk to me like that! It’s not as if I ruined your life or anything… I just tried to help you…


    Seo Ra: You know how you could help me?? Step out of it!


    Min Young: You, really! I really thought you would be thankful, but you’re eventually ungrateful!


    Seo Ra: If so, how come you’re still bothering me? If I’m so disappointing, then go change other people’s life!


    Min Young: I’ll do it, then!

    *She slips her coat on, takes her handbag and gets out.*


    Seo Ra: (sighs) She didn’t pack her suitcase, so she’ll come back… Anyway, let’s continue my researches…

    *She sits in her bed and is on her laptop.*


    Seo Ra: So, Choi Tae Hoon… The friend who created the company with him was…

    *On the screen, we can see: Lee Tae Won.*

    Seo Ra: …!! (shocked face) I-it’s not possible!… How can he…?!

    *She is in tears.*


    *The setting changes. It’s 9:00 a.m.

    Choi Tae Hoon and another man are waiting in the meeting room of “Sweetie’s Wedding”.

    Assistant Seo is waiting at the entrance of the building. Park Seo Ra arrives and doesn’t tell anything to the Assistant Seo.*


    Ass. Seo: Pr-president Park?


    Park SR: Later. I have something to settle, first.


    Ass. Seo: Oh… Really? Mr. Choi Tae Hoon and his partner are waiting for you in the meeting room.


    Park SR: Fortunately. Let’s settle this at once.

    *She goes in the meeting room, the Assistant Seo is following her.

    When they enter the meeting room, Choi Tae Hoon starts smiling.*


    Choi TH: Miss Park, nice to meet you!

    *He stretches his hand out. Park Seo Ra doesn’t shake it.*


    Park SR: I’m sorry, Mr. Choi, but I thought of your suggestion and I can’t agree. Hope you find someone to get associate with soon.


    Choi TH: W-what?!


    *Choi TH and his partner are astonished.*



    --END EP 1--

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